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Keep the weed fresh #ice
長頸人 (at Modern Mode & Modern Mode Café)


Lomography x Nixon Surf Challenge : Panoramic Pictures of Kamchatka with the Belair Camera

Russia + Belair camera + cross processing development = amazing pictures from another universe. Admire amazing pictures taken by the Nixon surf team with the Lomography camera, the Belair, during the Nixon Surf Challenge 2014.



Erik Soderberg



♡ FAB ♡

Digitally Generated Compositions
Nick Taylor has created a series of generative organic compositions.
You can see all of the generative organic compositions on WATC.
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Life on the Farm with the Designer @ambikaboutique

For more photos and videos of Ambika’s sheep, rabbits and goats plus the occasional design made from their wool, follow @ambikaboutique.

Ambika Conroy (@ambikaboutique) makes accessories and swimwear but on Instagram she’s far more likely to share moments from life on her farm. “I think the simple daily happenings are what you take with you when you die,” she says. “I also hope that my pictures inspire people to want to live and create more consciously and sustainably.”

Many of Ambika’s pieces are made from fibers such as angora that she sources from the farm. There, she and her partner Josh have built a community, inviting guests to stay in their farm, attend yoga classes, visit the animals or even record an album at their studio. “There is so much to learn from animals and nature,” she says. “Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind still and my body strong.”

(Source:, via straytank)


Lomography Film of the Day - Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 (35mm)